I have the privilege of living in the GREATEST city on the earth. I live in the middle of New York, New York. I put up with walking up three flights of stairs to a small apartment with a view of a brick wall so that I can take advantage of everything this magnificent city has to offer. Most of the activities I partake of are on the inexpensive side and I still manage to have a fabulous time. Every week I have exciting stories to tell natives and tourists about where I went and what I did. These discussions made me realize that I was going and doing more than my neighbors and friends. Thus, I have decided to write about all of my adventures in this city in the hopes that others who are looking for something to do will benefit from my good times in New York City. Here you can read about what I did around town. I will also keep you posted on my upcoming activities and maybe inspire some others to go and do in New York City.