Monday Night Bingo

photo-6Trust me, this is a fun party.  The weather was gorgeous this past Monday so I went online to find something interesting to do.  When I saw that Monday Night Bingo happened on a rooftop in the Lower East Side, I knew I wanted to go.  When I learned the Bingo was hosted by drag queens I knew I HAD to go.  I called the venue, Hotel Chantelle, and asked if I needed a reservation to come.  She said “sure” and took my name but when we got there it was seat yourself.

The Hotel Chantelle has a retractable roof, so if the weather had turned we still would have been fine, but it continued to be a gorgeous night the entire evening.  We got there around 7:30 and learned the rules of the game.  The night turned out to be surprisingly affordable.  There was no cover and there were pretty good drink specials.  Each Bingo card cost $2 and there was a minimum of 2 cards per person.  You were allowed (and expected) to use the same cards all night.  We played about 8 games of Bingo over the course of the evening, mostly for fun, campy prizes, like a Miami Vice t-shirt and a plastic paddle ball set.  The final game of the night was for cold hard cash, though.  I was most impressed/disturbed by one round that required the winners (3 total for this game) to come to the front and get naked before claiming their prizes of free drinks from the bar.  (Don’t worry, they warn you that showing off your birthday suit is a requirement so you know not to yell out BINGO unless you are prepared to bare it all.)

I loved, loved, loved the hosts: Linda Simpson and Murray Hill.  Their banter was hilarious and they definitely added to the evening and it made the participants more chatty towards each other.  All in all it was a great crowd.  It made Monday night WAY less boring and depressing and I can’t wait to go back!

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