Hamptons Retreat with Uplift Studios

beach_1This past weekend I signed up for a retreat in the Hamptons with the lovely ladies at Uplift Studios.  I have only been to the Hamptons once before and I have never been on a fitness retreat.  I am not one to forego wine and only eat veggies, so this retreat, where you worked out AND had a good time seemed like something I could get behind.  The description said that in addition to working out we would also be dining out at yummy restaurants and sipping on vino after our workouts in the sand.

Uplift is a ladies only gym.  I was a little reluctant to jump into a trip with 17 female strangers, but I knew I loved the founders of Uplift, so I decided to trust my instincts and take the plunge.

The weekend schedule went like this:  we took the Jitney out to the Hamptons on Friday afternoon and Uplift put us up at an ocean front hotel.  We did a quick workout next to the ocean and then went to a delish seafood dinner.  Afterwards we all sat around and chatted, listened to music and drank wine.  Saturday morning was a long, intense workout followed by a shorter afternoon sweat session.  All throughout the workouts were hard, but easily modified.  The best thing about the workouts was that there were no judgments.  There was frequent downtime where you could socialize or chill with a book, and I really liked the low-pressure vibe that remained throughout the weekend.  Everyone was there to have a good time!

After Saturday’s workouts we went out to a fancy dinner at The Meeting House and followed by a trip to The Stephen Talkhouse to hear an 80s cover band.  Sunday morning we crammed in one last (less intense) workout before enjoying a long, leisurely brunch and hopping back on the Jitney.  I returned to the city Sunday night feeling like I had enjoyed a fabulous escape and had made a bunch of new, fantastic friends in the process.  I know I am not the only one who felt that way since the same group of ladies is planning a reunion event soon.  Uplift deserves props for cultivating such an amazing clientele and planning and organizing a fantastic retreat!

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