936077_122109897996146_1045647481_nNew restaurants can be hit or miss.  I have found that trying them out before they have been open a month can sometimes be REALLY bad news. (I am talking to you, El Centro).  But, despite my reservations, I was so impressed by a recent review in TimeOut of Distilled, a new restaurant in Tribeca, I decided to break my rule and give it a taste in its opening days.

I really liked the vibe at Distilled, it is casual dress and the staff was friendly.  The décor was lots of hard wood and low lighting.  The cocktail list looked unique and delicious, and all of the drinks came out looking pretty, but no one at our table found a drink we were particularly smitten with, and we tried most of the specialty libations on the menu before the rainy night was over.

The food, on the other hand, was pretty darn delicious.  I was a little reluctant to try the fried duck and waffles, but it was FANTASTIC! The scallops with duck was also really good (and paired nicely with a glass of Malbec).  Lastly, the wings tasted sweet and spicy and the blue cheese dipping sauce was super creamy.  I was seriously impressed with these dishes, and they, along with the relaxed but attentive staff will bring me back to Distilled again for sure.

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