PaintNite at Spring Natural Kitchen

photo-5I don’t think I have any talent when it comes to the visual arts.  Drawing, painting, sculpture, they all seem to baffle me and my attempts end up looking like some odd squiggles.  Despite this lack of talent, I was excited to try a PaintNite (mostly because they encourage you to drink while you paint and I thought that might improve my skills).  The classes take place at various restaurants all around the city and you can pick your date and place on the website before hand.  I opted for Spring Natural Kitchen, a spot near my apartment, but I might be more adventurous next time. I scored a deal on Living Social for a cheaper ticket for two and the hubby and I spent a rainy Monday painting.

I have to say, this was one of the more fun things I have done in the city lately!  The company provided everything you needed and the teacher was friendly and approachable.  She helped you paint a specific picture (you can see in advance what it will be on their website before you sign up) but no one cared if you painted something totally different or if you used different colors (as a couple of class attendees did).  They played music and sipping wine definitely helped me channel my inner Van Gogh.  See the picture for what I produced and let me know what you think of it in the comments!

I also really liked seeing how the other paintings turned out.  I find it incredible that I could 1) have a great time and 2) make a great gift for my mom all in the span of two hours.  If you haven’t checked out a PaintNite, I definitely recommend giving it a try, and who knows, you may see me at the next class too!

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